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Avinash Vasanth

Content Consumers, Advertisers

In 2020, we are content consumers and advertisers. Having said that, we are bombarded with tons of content on the news feed with friends and family updates, updates from the pages we have liked and so on…

But if you are an advertiser focusing on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn etc, you must have come across successful and unsuccessful campaigns. For that, there are various reasons and metrics to measure and identify.

I am not going to talk about that here.

In this highly content distributed world, in order to run an Ad, the most important and underlying factor is…..


You take any brand that you follow relentlessly. The reason you follow is “It struck you personally”

Your brand’s marketing strategy was in line with Psychology.

Now coming to terms with Video Marketing in sync with Video Testimonials.

By now, everyone marketer would have understood that video Ad has got more engagement rate than an Image Ad.

Shooting a conceptual video is fine, but does it meet the psychology of the audience?

Have you ever dissected in this metric?

Let me tell you why Video Testimonial Ad will meet the psychological aspect of winning hands down

1. People love relativity – When users see a common person talking about your product/service, they will hold the mobile without scrolling for a couple of seconds at least.

We all would have faced this, right?

Gone were the days, users were intrigued to click on a lot of Ads, nowadays, people click when they connect and relate to it.

In a video testimonial Ad, they don’t see a stunning design rather they see a reflection of themselves ( a common person talking about his/her emotions about the brand/service that he had used ).

2. People love seeking truth – Customers will explain their journey and challenges of how the product/service helped them overcome and solved their problems.

When a person opens up from his / her own perspective will eventually relate and subside to most of the people watching the ad. ( I’m very sure about it ).

3. People like to be user-friendly – Customer testimonial videos appear natural and user-friendly. ( Who doesn’t like it ? )

A person shooting his testimonial sitting in a balcony / on a couch / or in any natural comfortable place will induce more inclination towards the video for the audiences watching it.

As a marketer, we all focus on 70% benefits and 30% solutions.

Customers will talk about their PAIN POINTS first and arrive on how they were able to cross the hurdle through your products and solutions.

Even now when I scroll my feed, ads from HealthifyMe make me pause for a second when a common young man talks about his journey about his weight transformation.

If you have not tried using Video Testimonial as your Lead Ad magnet, I would recommend you do it right away