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How we helped a leading educational Institution in Singapore generate thousands of leads by reducing the avg cost per lead to just Rs.60


Singapore is known as an Educational Hub for Management Studies in Asia.

The country has become a prime spot for Financial Institutions, Corporates who have their headquarters in the scenic Marina Bay Area. Hence the demand ( corporates ) and the supply ( Management Students ) meets in Singapore.

Every year students from India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc fly to Singapore to pursue their MBA studies.

We at Share World Technologies happened to work with one of the leading educational institutions in Singapore that has more than 70 years of experience.


Having a strong presence in Singapore and a good Brand Recall in  ASEAN countries, they started to face some serious challenges from other emerging universities offering MBA courses.

The marketing team wanted to expand the lead generation funnel.

Our Approach

We had a data interaction with their marketing and sales team to identify their problem statements that helped us better understand the ground level scenario.

Based on the competitor research, we analyzed that their acquisition model was through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Some had Google Ads as well.

We focused on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

The Reason: The Targe Audience were from the age group between 21-28 years old. An avg user of this age group spends around 1hr/day in these 2 platforms. Hence, we chose them.

We wanted to focus on the strengths

  •  State-of-the-art Infrastructure,
  •  Practical sessions
  •  Alumni
  •  Experienced staffs.


We ran multiple A/B tests with different Ad sets, creatives and ad copies to identify the highest reacted Ad.

In a couple of weeks, we had a clear picture of the Design and the Ad Copy.

We had 2 Lead generation ads running simultaneously that takes the users ( both the ads had the same design and ad copy )

  • Facebook Landing Page ( One Ad )
  • Website Landing Page ( Another Ad )

The reason we approached this model was that because based on our experience,  a larger percentage of people doesn’t like to go outside the Facebook app to fill a form they are interested in.

On the contrary, another set of people would like to know more about the information that theta re interested in. Hence, we connected the ad to a landing page on the website.

In 30 days, we analyzed the data to find 75% of the leads captured were through Facebook lead forms and had a better conversion rate than the leads captured via the landing page of the website.

The Key  – Identifying the best-performing Ad Set + Optimizing the Facebook Landing form = High-Quality Leads


  • 30000+ leads in 6 months ( mainly India, Malaysia and Thailand )
  • Avg Cost per lead reduced from Rs. 500 to Rs. 60 within 2 months
  • 80% Qualified Leads
  • 70% of the total leads captured through Instagram




Singapore & Malaysia


500 - 1000





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