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Websites have always been an underrated medium by most of them. The reason behind is simple – “ I don’t see any significant results “. That’s especially true for companies who don’t want to map the user journey.

Be it processed foods or home care products, the target audience is extremely wide along with a highly emerging competitive market.

For any informed person about the product, no matter how much he is marketed through various mediums, he is not “sold” unless he is convinced.

Do you know why?

Most of the people before making a decision would like to do self-research about the brand or the product that they want to buy ( especially a new product ).

The very first thing a person would do is go to Google Search and type the Brand Name or the Product Name.

For Example :

Let’s take a look at the Brand Britannia and its product Milk Bikis Biscuit.

If we type “ Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuit “ in Google.

We get the following results.

The 1 st result is their website.

The website’s landing page of Milk Bikis product looks like this :

As you can see, the website is one of the first user interactions with your brand/product.

Does your Brand have a great website that impresses the users when entered?

If the answer is NO, then take immediate action.

Product Listing 

In this highly competitive zone, a new emerging product has to be omnipresent. The goal is to reach where potential buyers are floating.

The answer to this is simple.

Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, BigBasket. – I am sure you would have purchased from any on the 2 at least.

The spending capacity has potentially increased multifold through online shopping mediums. You are providing an opportunity for the potential buyers to have a look at your product while they are purchasing your competitor’s product ( as all the brands will be based on product category ).

Though there is a very slim chance to opt for your product, your product’s visibility is gaining traction at free of cost.

Hence, it is highly essential to list your products under the respective categories.

In this case,

Britannia Milk Bikis –  Foods Products ( Category Name )

There are ways to leverage your product in online shopping websites through product Ads by prompting the users to notice and take action to purchase your product by offering discounts in order to increase the revenue.

This requires a good Ad budget to manage the ads in online shopping websites.

Brand Ambassador

Since FMCG is the fourth largest economy in India, it is now relatively easy to understand that it is not that easy to capture the market without a “Power factor”.

You need to convince – win the hearts of people.

Right from Rahul Dravid’s bat to Salman Khan’s ad, Britannia was seen by millions of people every single day through commercial ads, posters and hoardings etc.

Slowly the name became a “BRAND” – capturing the users’ memory over a period of time.

How do you do that?

By making the heroes talk about your product – there is the connect.

It is highly impossible for emerging brands to connect with big stars, but identifying emerging players, personalities who have a good reputation in the market will certainly help reduce the size of your marketing budget.

Social Presence

For any brand selling their product requires an active social media presence. It is no more an option, it is a necessity.


People love interacting with brands through social media. An average person spends more than 1 hour/ day on social media. It provides a great opportunity to increase your product visibility by targeting your target audience.

Social Mediums :

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • TikTok

Things you need to focus to establish a strong social presence :

  • Create awareness about the product through video campaigns
  • Create messenger bots to interact with users while entering your Facebook Page
  • Create fun polls and campaigns to keep the audience engaged.
  • Splash creativity with content. Go quirky.
  • Go Live on FB and IG
  • Collaborate with micro-influencers to promote your products on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube
  • Run targeted ads based on your target audience to leverage the product’s visibility
  • Enable shopping inside Instagram and Facebook
  • Measure Brand Lift

Key Factors to note :

  • Brand ambassador
  • Videos that attract users ( Brand Ambassador )
  • Psychology in marketing
  • Content and ad copies that pulls the audience
  • Re-Targeting the users who have interacted with the product to increase the brand and the product memory
  • Social Listening

Distribution Network :

If Digital Presence is one pillar then Distribution Network is another pillar. Both pillars need to complement each other for a product’s success.

Imagine you spend a lot of time in your marketing efforts and Ad spends, the user heads up to a nearby supermarket and couldn’t find your product, he/she is very likely to pick some other product from the shelf. Hence, the distribution network needs to be strong.

Numeric Percentage

In order to identify the strength of the distribution network, there is a percentage calculator that enables to show the percentage of stores that sell your product within a given geographic area.

The value is obtained by dividing the number of stores distributing the product by the total number of stores in the zone.

The higher the percentage, the higher the success rate.

Marketing requires a cohesive approach on all sides. Especially for an FMCG brand, partnerships and brand loyalty holds the key.