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Shopify is an e-commerce website enabler that requires less technical knowledge and no coding experience.

How cool does it sound?

Yes, that’s true.

Well, some might think the other way around. If it requires no coding experience, does that mean it is only for amateurs?

A big NO.

Have you heard about HEINZ?

One of the oldest and biggest Ketchup brands in the world. Their website is powered by Shopify.

Let me give you another example.

What comes to your mind when you think of Energy Drink?

75% of them would have guessed it right. Yes, Redbull.

Redbulls’ website is powered by Shopify as well.

Shopify has got everything racked to get your e-commerce business hustling from day 1.

What sets Shopify apart from others?


7 Key Reasons :

Shopify Templates

Shopify offers 100’s of templates to choose which is mobile responsive enabled and easy to install within a few minutes.

For any e-commerce website, the UI elements hold a major influence on user engagement. The Shopify templates are built with a professional approach keeping in mind of the transactional intent.

This saves a lot of time when compared to build a website from scratch.

Server / Web Hosting

When it comes to Server spec, it is always Greek and Latin for most of them. Sometimes, even for people with good coding experience will find it challenging to navigate through server intricacies.

With Shopify, it is self-hosted ie. Shopify takes care of everything in terms of hosting the website in the server. This is another strong factor to choose Shopify.

Add Unlimited Products

Shopify allows you to add unlimited products into your website.

For Example, if your business serves 100 products and after a few months, if you are planning to add another 100 products, you have the liberty to do so.

If you are constructing the website right from the scratch, adding products might take time which includes creating a page manually. Whereas in Shopify, it happens with the click of a button. You can create pages for each product seamlessly from your Shopify Dashboard.

Cool isn’t it?

Payment Gateways

The business is completed only when an order is executed and the transaction is performed.

For transaction to happen, payment gateways are needed. In Shopify, Payment gateways are easily made to integrate with top payment gateway providers all over the world.

In today’s digital payments’, flash checkout / accelerated checkouts are highly enabled in most of the big e-commerce stores. Shopify leaves no stone unturned. It allows checkouts like Shop Pay which helps returning customers to help their check out process easier and faster,

Payment providers like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay also offers accelerated checkout experiences that can be enabled in your Shopify e-commerce website.

24/7 Support

Shopify offers 24/7 support through their chat portals providing live assistance for technical queries. Right from adding products to integrating Facebook Pixels, all the queries are answered.

This support is a lifesaver for people using Shopify.

Mobile App

Shopify has its own mobile app for its users to control the orders, product SKU’s, payments etc from anywhere in the world.

You need not stick to the desktop/laptop every time to take any action on your website. It can be done from your mobile. It is as easy as it sounds

In-Store Dashboard

Even though it is drag and drop solution, not all e-commerce website enablers provide a robust yet simple to use platform that handles products, offers, adding staffs, payments, Coupon codes, SKU’s etc.

The navigation flow within the dashboard is very easy to use. Third-part integrations like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics helps you integrate inside the dashboard within minutes.

Well, if you have got a good idea to start an e-commerce store, all you need is a Shopify account ( it has got 3 plans ) to list your products and go LIVE.